Participate in WFF@H

The Women Faculty Forum at Homewood, formerly the Committee on the Status of Women, is a group of Hopkins faculty of all genders who work together to:

  • expand collaboration and leadership opportunities for women
  • advocate for equitable practices and policies, including those pertaining to work/life mix, for all faculty
  • continue to address gender equity issues and challenges to the full participation of women faculty at Hopkins.

We invite teaching, research, and tenure-track faculty of all ranks and all genders, from both Whiting and Krieger schools, to participate in this work. We welcome you as members of WFF@H or as friends of WFF@H.

The time commitment for members varies throughout the year. They are expected to participate in meetings, commit to a WFF@H project, and contribute to the WFF@H blog.

Please fill out a brief interest form here.