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Chronicle: Why Diversity Initiatives Fail

cropped-woh_logo_512x5123.pngPamela Newkirk, in “Why Diversity Initiatives Fail” in the Chronicle of Higher Ed today, writes about the ways that target-of-opportunity hiring fails, paying attention to history, and who’s responsible for the pipeline.

If anything, the trend is moving toward a flattened diversity-for-all mantle that embraces diversity of all kinds while ignoring the history and legacy of structural racial disadvantage baked into the educational system.

. . . Unless and until white America — including academics and those who claim progressive values — comes to terms with the reality of persisting injustice, diversity initiatives will continually fail.

Join our round table discussions tomorrow: 5:30pm Monday @ Mudd

fleming, mikulski, weaver april 2018All JHU students, faculty, and staff are invited to join Women Faculty Forum on Monday evening for comments and discussion on mentorship, community, and equity. After comments by Professor Karen Fleming, Dean Beverly Wendland, and Senator Barbara Mikulski, join round table discussions anchored by:

Candice Baldwin, Director of Hop-In

Linda Boyd, Interim Asst Vice Provost & Title IX Coordinator

Irene Ferguson, Director of Student Enrichment Programs

Bertrand Garcia-Moreno, Biophysics

Joy Gaslevic, Interim VP for Institutional Equity

Jeff Gray, Chemical & Biomedical Engineering

Jeannine Heynes, Director of Women & Gender Resources

Bonnie Jin, News-Letter

Alexandra Lossada, English; PhD Student Advisory Committee

Chika Mese, Math

Diva Parekh, News-Letter

Gabrielle Spiegel, History

Gabi Swistara, News-Letter

Yi Wang, Math

Good food, good company, & kids welcome: that’s Where We Stand, in a nutshell, 5 years running! 🙂

Where We Stand – Hope to see you on Monday, Nov 4!

Where We Stand: Mentorship, Community, & Equity

Of course, bias exists—conscious and unconscious. At this event we’ll generate concrete ways to counter those norms and cultivate academic communities in which everyone can do their best work.

This event is for the entire Homewood campus.

We hope you will join Dean Beverly Wendland and the WFF@H for a lively evening.

Please expect: good food; Sharpies; brainstorming; a slide show; reading materials to browse; presentations about bias; Legos for kids; a wall for you to post anonymous do’s & don’ts related to mentorship & community building; and discussions led by undergrads, grad students, staff, faculty, and administrators.

The event is Mon, Nov 4 from 5:30-7pm in the Mudd Atrium. Sorry about the late hour, but this is the time we are able to get an appropriate space. Kids, friends, family–all are welcome.




Fifth Annual Where We Stand event!

Women Faculty Forum hopes to see you on Monday, November 4, from 5:30-7pm at Mudd Atrium. We always have good food & good company, and children are always welcome and shamelessly adored.img_1282

Our theme this year:

Mentorship, Community, and Equity

For you as a staff member, student, postdoc, or faculty member:

What is one big challenge you see to fostering equity in the academy?

What is one specific example of meaningful support that you have received, given, witnessed, or hoped for?

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 1.23.42 PM

Students and advisors in Center for Student Success have thought a lot about how both systemic and personal approaches to mentorship and community-building can undergird a good experience in college. Join us!



Where We Stand – Monday, Nov 4, 5:30pm @ Mudd Atrium

Screen Shot 2019-10-19 at 5.17.40 PM.pngPlease join Women Faculty Forum & Dean Beverly Wendland two weeks from today!

Our discussion topic is Mentorship, Community, and Equity.

We all know that bias exists—conscious and unconscious. At this event we’ll generate concrete ways to counter those norms and cultivate academic communities in which everyone can do their best work.

This includes looking very hard at the way we do research. To read more about Perez’s book, which will be one of our topics of discussions, check out our previous post here.


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