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  1. I like the assist-with-schools idea. Baltimore has a complex K-12 environment, with public, charter, and private options. One WSE faculty member suggested to me that it would be useful to have some expertise / consulting available.

    Similarly for summer programs.

  2. For the first one…perhaps the work life office (or another office) would help put together a website to help share resources that different individuals have found personally helpful in work-life balance. One of the advantages that JHU has in Baltimore is that their is plenty of housing in all different price ranges close to campus, and the lower cost of living compared to cities in which many peer Universities are located. As an example, my son’s elementary school recently started yellow bus service; one of the stops is on Tuscany and Canterbury, which is just two long blocks from campus. So on my pickup days I could walk there and get him, and bring him back to my office if necessary.
    I have talked to other women who were told by real estate agents to buy outside the city, and after settling her have realized that they could have bought within walking distance of campus and made them schools work.
    I have found that there are a large number of phenomenal camps available at price points in Baltimore that are substantially more affordable than what my friends in other cities pay.
    On a positive, I appreciate President Daniels letter to the editor supporting Baltimore CIty public schools. For me being able to live within walking distance of work has made work-life balance much easier (and I did not always live close to my job at JHU).

  3. I appreciate these comments and it seems that one option for helping people get information about schools would be to assemble a low-tech database with names of people willing to share what they know, tied to a list of the schools that they know about. Maybe Work Life could host the database on its website, and people could sort by school (for example, I might know about 4 or 5 schools) or sort by department/division, and then contact that person.

    And yes, as Jane said, big thank you to President Daniels for speaking up for Baltimore City Public Schools. Goodness knows they needed it, and still do.

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