In response to NAS report, U-Maryland School of Medicine launches Cultural Transformation Initiative

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The dean of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Dr. E. Albert Reece, announced a “major restructuring of its senior leadership positions to ensure that women are represented at the highest levels of the UMSOM” under the umbrella of the new Program in Cultural Transformation.

Here’s a list of immediate steps being taken (from “UM School of Medicine Announces Major Management Restructuring and Promotions, as Part of School-Wide Cultural Transformation Initiative”):

  • Several women in the organization will be promoted to executive leadership positions; including to the positions of Chief Operating Officer for the UMSOM, Senior Associate Dean for Medical Student Education, Associate Dean for Medical Student Admissions, and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Cultural Transformation;
  • A “Dean’s Advisory Committee on Cultural Transformation” will be formed to assess progress on a regular basis and make specific recommendations for action;
  • A new senior-level member of the Dean’s Executive Cabinet will be given the responsibility to oversee a slate of new and existing initiatives that represent significant changes in all aspects of professionalism and conduct in the UMSOM culture;
  • A new “TransformMed” email box has been created ([email protected]) for anyone in the UMSOM community to raise concerns, ask questions and share ideas for the Program in Cultural Transformation, or for issues to be brought to the attention of the Dean or the Executive Cabinet.

Dean Reece has now launched national leadership searches and executive leadership promotions, as part of the overall Cultural Transformation Initiative.




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