Your work-life mix today

Are you familiar with the  Johns Hopkins Work-Life Pledge?

To quote from the Work, Life, & Engagement website: “It’s an opportunity for faculty and staff to set a daily intention for 30 days by choosing from best practices in five categories known to improve work-life effectiveness.” More broadly, “the Work-Life field is shifting from a sole focus on programs and policies to include a critical focus on culture and climate.”

Culture and climate were key words at the Where We Stand event a few weeks ago, and a recent HUB article encouraging people to make the pledge for December (when holidays can add to how busy & stressed we are) reminded us to pass this along.

In a nutshell: “Taking the Johns Hopkins Work-Life Pledge is an opportunity to put resources and knowledge into action; it’s an opportunity to personalize your work-life approach; and it’s an opportunity to be a champion for work-life culture at Johns Hopkins.”

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