Maryland SB 793 & HB 1094: proposal for JHU armed police

“We wish to see the university taking on the role of constructive partner in a complex public issue of public health and educational equity and community well-being.”


— from the open letter from faculty opposing JHU’s proposal to establish a police department

Today the Baltimore Sun has picked up the story of faculty response to the question of safety at JHU.

You can add your name to the letter here.

For more information:

Students Against a Johns Hopkins Police Force Petition:

SB 793 the Community Strengthening and Safety Act:

Say ‘no’ to Hopkins’ private police – Op-Ed by Quinn Lester in the Baltimore Sun

Baltimore lawmakers halt proposal to create Johns Hopkins police force – Baltimore Sun

Maryland lawmakers will not support Hopkins police force bill (March 2018) – The Johns Hopkins News-Letter

Johns Hopkins Pushes for Armed Police on Campus – WSJ

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